Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Looking Sharp on Your Wedding Trip

Sept. 16th, 2009

Okay, just for a quick intro - My name is Mechelle and I live in Colorado. My best friend and random business partner, Candy, called me up one day and said she needed a favor. As all best friends do (or at least I do), I said, "Sure!" even before I knew what she was going to ask for.

I was asked, by Candy, to film some interviews and footage of her wedding couple Dawn & Cody. Meeting the couple has been a joy. They have put up with me interfering in their lives and asking them questions about their wedding and experience with much grace. From my short meetings with them I can tell that they really have a lot of fun together and I hope I have caught some of that on camera. I'm writing this particular blog today to give you some insight into the videographer's point of view of a particular incident this morning....

So, here I am at 6:00 am driving up to Denver Airport to film Dawn and Cody leaving for their adventure into wedded bliss. I had made arrangements to meet them at the airport at 8:00 am and I never know what traffic is going to be like, so I left early and planned on getting some outside footage of the airport before they got there if possible. Luckily, that part of my plan went well. I arrived in plenty of time to get a few minutes of b-roll (random scenery footage to use in montages and develop where actions are taking place).

Dawn called me and let me know that they were on the shuttle to the airport just as I pulled into airport parking lot. I was able to meet them at the check-in station and all was going well. Baggage was checked and we were on our way down to security. Now, I must let everyone know, that I am the only one there with a video camera. I don't have a crew, I don't have anything official on and I'm following these two around filming them walking around the airport, checking in, going through security... you get the idea. So, people are looking at us kinda funny anyway and a hear a few people say that they think I'm there doing some kind of security check. But, for the most part, no one says anything and they leave us alone.

Dawn and Cody get to security and I can't follow them without a ticket, so I pull back and walk over to the side and try to film as much as I can of them taking off their shoes and going through the x-ray machines. Once I see that I can't get much more footage from where I am, I walk around to the back side of the security section that is blocked from view where there is a windowed area that you can watch people walk down the stairs or ride the escalator down to where the "train" takes you to the terminal.

I sit down in this small area between the window and some planter with trees in it so I can get some film footage of Dawn and Cody descending the stairs. I see Dawn sitting on a bench putting on her shoes. And she's sitting there. And she's sitting there. And she's sitting there... Now, I couldn't really see what was going on as they were on the backside of this curved area and it was blocked from my view. However, I finally saw Cody standing up by a security guard and thought to myself, "Great, he got tagged for a random security check."

So, I'm waiting there, watching through this window for everything to get cleared and for them to be on their way. But then Dawn gets up, walks over to Cody and starts talking with the guard. Then Cody looks over at me and points. Then Dawn looks right over at me. She points to me and waves and motions for me to come around to the front of the security check.

At this point I'm a bit confused. Then the security guy points to me and motions to me to come around. He doesn't look pleased. "OH, great!" I think, "I've gotten everyone in trouble for filming and now I'm gonna get it." I was envisioning myself, Dawn and Cody sitting in a security room getting the third degree, them missing their flight, and me having to call my husband to come bail us out or call Candy to vouch for our presence. It was not a pretty image.

So, I get up and gather my equipment. I walk around the security wall, wondering what is being said behind it and trying to come up with my best story ever, or at least some decent story of why I was there and an explination that I had no malicious intent. I arrived at the side opening and waited. I could see the security guard walking in my direction. I was nervous.

A female security guard that was sitting close to where I was standing asked nicely if I was filming the wedding couple. "Yes, we're putting together a farewell segment. They're going to Jamaica!" I said in my most light-hearted manner I could. But, at the same time I'm thinking if they didn't accost me once I got around the corner and then I must be okay.

So what's the problem?

The security guard that had stopped Cory finally reached my location. He gave me a disgruntled look, which worried me for about a half of a second until he reached out toward me with a small, black cloth case. I instantly knew what it was and what had happened.

"Could you please take this for them?" the guard asked, "They can't carry it on the plane. You can send it to them," he said in a stern voice. Dawn waved at me and smiled. I laughed and took a sigh of relief.

"Sure!" I said. "No problem."

Cory, having not flown in many (MANY) years, had left (or put) his pocket knife in his carry-on. Many people in this area carry pocket knives and don't even think twice about it, but in this instance I'm sure the small piece of metal sent off multiple alarms and caused Dawn and Cory a small heart attack as they were trying to get to their plane. I know it caused me to gain a few extra, unwanted gray hairs. Luckily, I was there to take possesion of the item or Cory would have been faced with throwing the knife away. Not that he couldn't have done so, but now he can use his money for the honeymoon and not have to save it up for a new pocket knife. (just joking!)

So, a word to those who are traveling by plane - anywhere - please, please double check your carry-on. Remove any sharp items: knives, fingernail files, letter openers, razors, etc... Make sure your liquids are under the 3 oz. limit. Be sure your medications are easy to pull out and have visible lables. Wear shoes that are easy to take on and off (cause we all know what a hassle that is). And for your own sanity - make sure your fiance does the same.

I hope the rest of Dawn and Cody's wedding experience is security guard free. (Please be careful what you bring home!) I expect Dawn will be a beautiful bride and Cody will look sharp (excuse the pun) in his suit. Take care you two and best of luck on your journey together! I can tell already that your's is going to be an interesting ride!

- Mechelle Martz-Mayfield

Candice Cain is the owner of the Candy Cain Travel Co. She is a Certified Sandals Specialist and a Destination Wedding Expert. Please feel free to email her for help with your destination wedding!

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