Friday, May 17, 2013

Viva Mexico!

Okay, so I've really neglected this blog. I'm sorry. In my defense, I have been ridiculously busy. But, I should never neglect my readers.  This is going to be a short entry, just to let you know that I'm thinking of you, and I'm still doing destination weddings!

Joe & Theressa - 5/16/13
I have been in Playa del Carmen, Mexico since yesterday for the fabulous beach wedding of Joe and Theressa. Such a nice couple!! They were married today (May 16, 2013) on Pelicanos Beach at The Royal in Playa del Carmen. The staff at The Royal always does an amazing job, and this time was no different. Working with Elsa for the past several months through the Real Resorts Wedding Center in Cancun was fantastic-- She paid such close attention to detail, and was really easy to work with. Then working with the lovely and talented Lorena at The Royal itself was phenomenal. Lorena always does a great job, and Joe & Theressa's wedding was stunning... Pure Magic, and a whole lot of fun.

It is wicked late here, though, and I'm sunburned something awful. I'm going to turn in and write a whole lot more tomorrow-- I promise. Joe and Theressa are a great couple, and their friends and family were awesome. I look forward to sharing details and pics with you tomorrow.

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