Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jackie's Live Wedding Blog: Amy & Eric - The Set Up

Today was such a busy day, but we got so much done! This morning we went to the Hemingway House to take a tour and I’m not gunna lie, I thought it was going to be so boring... but it wasn’t at all!

We had a blast and it was actually really interesting to learn about one of the greatest writers in history. I didn't realize that so many famous authors lived in Key West. After all, we were staying at Author's Guesthouse! There were tons of cats all over the property -- not to mention our tour guide looked like a legitimate pirate. Hilarious.

Setting up for the wedding was a total success. Everything wound up looking fantastic. We made dark green sashes for the chairs, bouquets for the tables and decorated all the tables beautifully.

Afterwards, we took a sunset cruise on the Glass-bottom Boat out to the coral reef, which I didn’t even realize was the third largest in the world! It was amazing; the open water, the amazing breeze, and the most beautiful sunset couldn’t have been better.

I was also so excited because we got to see so many different types of fish under the boat, it almost seemed like they were following us. There were even dolphins and tarpon fish jumping all around the boat the whole time! It was so great. We could not have been a better time.


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