Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Live Wedding Blog: Allie & Jason- I Do! I Do!

 * I wrote this entry on April 8, 2010 right after Allie & Jason's wedding. I thought it was published, but just noticed that it wasn't. Sorry for the delay!!

I must say, Allie and Jason’s wedding was the first wedding that started on time. All of the pieces fell into place perfectly. Ray and Eileen of Key West Weddings were marvelous. There was not one hitch with the ceremony or anything after. Granted, there were many obstacles before the wedding, but one looking at it would never have known. Stressful? Yes. But, oh-so-worth it!

Eileen was the minister of the wedding while Ray took the photos of the ceremony. I took video of the ceremony as best I could. I snapped photos before the ceremony and after the ceremony, and promised that I would create a disk for Allie and Jason as soon as I got home.

The ceremony was short, simple and very sweet. I have to admit, I did get choked up while they were exchanging their vows. The simplicity of the ceremony was so beautiful: Two people madly in love, exchanging vows on the beauty of the beach before God, promising to love one another until the end of time. Allie looked so beautiful and so happy. Jason was a handsome groom, and the joy he felt was apparent on his smiling face. I felt so honored to be a part of something so special.

Once the ceremony was over, Allie and Jason took some more photos. There was a jetti nearby, and they posed on the rocks. It was very elegant and romantic. I have been to many destination weddings as well as local weddings, and I feel that Allie and Jason’s wedding was the most romantic. I don’t know if it was because of the setting, the time of day or what… It just oozed intimacy.

I bid farewell to Allie and Jason, who asked me to join them at A&B Lobster House for dinner. I thanked them but declined—It was, after all, their wedding, not mine! I really appreciated that they wanted to include me, but I did not feel as though I should be with them. Plus, I had a flight to catch back to New York. Allie and Jason hopped in the wedding van and headed back to the hotel to freshen up before their 6:30 reservations. I packed up all of their décor and followed them to the hotel, where I left the boxes at the front desk.

I hopped in my car, tempted to put the top down (but didn’t), and headed back to Enterprise to start my journey home. I knew that Allie and Jason were happy, which made me happy. Knowing that I was instrumental in creating a beautiful wedding for two people madly in love makes my heart sing.

To Allie and Jason: Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day. May you live happily ever after!

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