Friday, April 9, 2010

Live Wedding Blog: Allie & Jason – Murphy’s Law Strikes Again!

** I wrote this blog yesterday and kept it in Word, since I was not able to access the internet at all throughout the day.

What a morning! After dealing with a whole lot of nonsense on FaceBook, I finally went to bed at 11:30 last night. I “woke up” (if you can call it that—I was barely asleep) at 2:00am, with a phone call from my husband. I jumped in the shower, got dressed, grabbed my stuff, hopped in the car and headed to JFK airport. I left my house at 3:10am, and arrived at JFK at 4:20. Considering my flight was at 5:30, I had plenty of time, right? WRONG.
Once I took the AirTrain and got to terminal eight for American Airlines, it was already 4:45am. I was sent over to a desk just to check my bags—Two boxes containing the décor for Allie and Jason’s beach wedding in Key West. I had already checked in for my flight the night before and had my boarding passes, so I figured I was good to go.

Well, apparently I'm either on the terrorist watch list or I resemble a drug runner. I walked up to the front and gave the two boxes that I had... Lo and behold, the woman wanted me to open them to show her what was inside. So, I did. The agent waved a security guard over. He took my boxes, then led me to a small room, where I sat and waited by myself. The boxes were gone. Some dude came in and started asking me about my profession, where I am going and, of course, my boxes. I answered all of his questions as patiently as I could, knowing full well that I was going to miss my flight to Miami. All I could think about was Allie and Jason standing on a beach, Allie with no bouquet, and no pretty décor for the photos. He left the room, returned with my boxes, clearly opened and held back together with white security tape, and told me not to pack my items in boxes anymore. Then, he let me go. By the time everything was all done, it was 5:17 and I could not get onto the flight.

I was able to get on the 7:00am flight. I was NOT confirmed on the flight from Miami to Key West, and I was told that it was a full flight. THAT flight left at 12:50pm and would have gotten me into Key West at 1:43. Allie had a hair appointment at 1:00 that I was supposed to drive her to. I figured that I would be able to drive from Miami to Key West in three hours and be there in time to pick her up for her appointment, if there wasn’t an earlier flight.

Fortunately, the travel fairy was smiling down on me. The flight I was on arrived 45 minutes early! I raced across Miami International Airport, trying to tell my mom what was going on. I got to the ticket counter and was able to get on the 10:30am flight to Key West, which would get me in at 11:23. PHEW! Now I might even be able to have lunch with Allie and Jason before bringing her to get her hair done. Unfortunately, I have to go back to the airport in order to pick up the décor at 1:43. However, I saw that the flight was actually leaving at 12:30. So, that means that I can pick up the décor while Allie is having her hair done. In theory.

So, here I sit on a “puddle jumper”, getting ready for a beautiful beach wedding by two people madly in love. It is an absolutely gorgeous day. Someone saw me carrying Allie’s bouquet and said, “Today is a beautiful day for a wedding!” I couldn’t agree more.

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