Sunday, October 25, 2009

Get Set...

Negril is gorgeous. There is no other way to say it. It is the epitome of a tropical paradise-- And I haven't even been on the beach during the day yet. Lush palm trees and colorful flowers beautify the scenery. It is as though you stepped right into one of the photographs in a travel brochure.

Ebony and I are staying in a Honeymoon Suite at Beaches Negril. We are in room 118, which has a balcony facing the ocean. It is a beautiful room, with a king bed, pullout couch, bathroom with two sinks, vanity and really large closet. It is one of the nicest hotel rooms that I've ever stayed in, whether at an all-inclusive resort or not. The furniture is comfortable and attractive. I can see how much Cynthia and Jeremy like their room, which is the same category room that we are in. (They are actually in room 128!) The room is stunning, and makes guests feel right at home. It truly is a work of art.

Upon arriving, a few things went awry. First of all, we weren't able to check into our room until 2:30. That meant that we missed the 2:30 shuttle over to Sandy Bay and missed a tour of the resort. (I really want photos to show my clients that are planning on staying there.) When we got to our room, the woman brought the wrong key. Then, I found out from Cynthia that her wedding time had been changed from 4pm tomorrow to 1pm tomorrow due to concerns of inclement weather. That meant that all of the spa treatments had to be changed to 8am instead of 10am. Drama, drama, drama, drama. At least there were some characters from Sesame Street floating around to make everyone smile.

Even though the rehearsal dinner started late tonight, it was in a beautiful setting-- The beach. Jeremy made a nice speech to the guests, thanking them for being there. Then, I thanked everyone and handed out some favors I got from Advantage Bridal. After doing so, Ebony and I went to Kimono's for a bite to eat, and just came back up to our room to upload some photos and get ready for bed. We had a long day of traveling. It's time to get some sleep!

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